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Behemoth of a character’s force, the glaciers rule all weather fluctuations since ground was born. Now we have numerous reports by famous climate activists which talk of facts, only brisking our anxieties. However, how much has anyone attained to transcend the extreme obstacles of climate and bring a set of information which can do amazing things in saving atmosphere? International awareness on climate is climbing but slowing due to attempts that could pull us from increasing greenhouse emissions, by us people.

My basic understanding of psychology claims that us, fickle people have a tendency to believe alongside anything that’s dawned upon us with anxiety. That’s what technology cum globalization has done to us.

Alaska, Greenland and Iceland were the three selected destinations. Mind-wrenching technology of time-lapse photography like that could only set the tongues wagging. . White was never this calm, and blue could not get any deeper; he was literally chasing it. The shots were magnificent for photographers; horribly alarming for global population living on planet earth. After all, the public should learn what effects it has on climate.

Having said that, the facts gleaned from this trove of climatic data on colossal glaciers range from basic to intense nuances: its effects on sea level climbing. Global warming, despite continuous, deliberate mentions at all levels of human existence remains like an alarm on snooze. It’s time to take our vision and mission up a notch where each individual works his bit to decrease his potential contributions in pollution. I see no rhyme or reason in weather and government agencies policing campaigns. There’s something more, like Chasing Ice taught usan untenable will to fulfill your fantasy and what an perfect human in the world should do to save our dwelling. Save it to the future.

We are on the point of carbon emission-wise breakdown that’s sure to gravitate to our existing generation less than at a century. Whiners or wieners- if still on the fence don’t have any alternative – but to take healthy steps towards surroundings themselves and make others also strike the same.

All I want to convey is that the world needs people like James Balog who know that our only home, planet earth is a duty of those. Well, in case you have not, you have to frequent his discussions and reports to get an insight into alarming details of glacier melt downs and needless to say, watch the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice.

It gives me chills even now whenever I remember the visuals of depletion. It moved memade me ponder of both magnificence and near-death of ice at poles: the climate control area of earth.

We’ve got a lot to see and read, mourn and do nothing about it. But that’s not how one is supposed to react to this set of data. A bit more responsibility and activity; a little less whining. If it can hit me in an era of streamings and unreasonable content which floods the world wide web, it can, it’s to hot everybody shortly. I am prepared to do more of my own bit.

This report serves an insight to what is going on around the world when it comes to climate. Though an intermediary to introduce you to one of the pioneering climate activists and my inspiration, James Balog, it’s supposed to expand the vision of young and powerful towards climate change.

Life at Sea

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Some will argue life at sea was simpler back before regulations were established by the IMO, US Coast Guard and ABS. Many of the ships were Foreign Flags. Today you’ll find seafarers prefer American flagships; the cover is better, and they’re unionized. “There’s far more paperwork now,” says Third Mate Mike Loesch. “Instead of doing only the noon report, you’re now doing three reports a day.”

Every Refuge House was commissioned by the United States Life-Saving Service. They had a keeper whose sole job was to maintain the house, keep it supplied of clothing, food, and walk the beaches after the storms. When they came across a shipwrecked sailor they gave him”refuge” in their house. The men got to stay for a week or two. Some got back on boats heading north. A lookout tower was constructed and used to watch for enemy submarines in World War II. Over the years they’ve been operated by the US Coast Guard and the Navy. Today just 1 house remains in Martin County on Gilbert’s Bar. In 1976 it was recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.

Since this is a massive topic I thought I’d stay the program. And, enlist the help of a few seafarers. Third Mate Mike attends to his security inspections or maintenance if the chief mate needs it done. After lunch he relieves another third partner and stands watch until dinner. The conclusion of the 12-hour day and another sunset. If the ship is docked, instead of standing lookout on the bridge he would be in the cargo control room monitoring the cargo operations. Also making rounds on deck and assessing the lines. 1 thing you don’t need is the boat to slip away from the pier.

Hot and cold meals are provided three times a day. Breakfast is your typical fare. Lunch and dinner offers many different fish, meat and a salad bar. If anyone has a food allergy, like I do, you will need to let the Captain know when you board the ship. According to Civilian Mariner Wendy, I’d starve on the navy’s ship. Their food is mostly noodle foods using a salad bar and overcooked veggies. Not exactly nutritious. I find this ironic because she is on a logistics ship.

Must be inspection day now. Tensions are high. Everyone’s stressed. Not sure why. To me an inspection is a good thing. If they find something wrong on the ship it has reported, then fixed. Right? Well, not necessarily correct. Each inspector has their own interpretation of how things should be done. Usually from first-hand experience years before when they crewed. Certainly not how things are done today or what you had been told to do. Regulations are changing all of the time, and everybody is expected to adapt. However, resources are not always made available.

Woohoo! After countless sunsets of reds, pink and gray, land is finally in sight. The ship is going into port where its crew members get to go onshore for a mental health break. The only question – is it full of safety checkpoints or can you walk right off the boat and be in the middle of everything? Some guys like to get away or take a break. The ones that come in on a Foreign flagship usually head to Walmart before heading out again. Poor Wendy, that’s when she gets the busiest. She arranges travel for some of her crew members that are leaving the boat for vacation. They do not get to leave the boat until their replacement will get onboard. Mike and Captain Tod do not always go ashore either. They have this philosophy work is work. I don’t always agree. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get off the boat for a change of scenery. Even if only for a few hours. Maybe today, a few more crew members will join the boat. That would be an excellent help. Just like in corporate, the crew is asked to do more with less people. According to Mike, the distinction is that the office building is not going to run into something.

If you have read any of my things, you will know safety is a mega concern. Crowley Maritime sets it high on their list as well. Every meeting begins with a safety and cultural moment including wellness and behavior. They realize to be a top performing company they have to support their workers work life balance and health. Their trainings vary depending on the ship. Its operations.

side personnel. Each petroleum ship has magnetic signals throughout the ship. “We don’t want to be responsive,” says David DeCamp, Sr Communicator, Strategist for Crowley Maritime. “We are thinking prevention and avoiding incidents as much as possible.” Just remember, when you’re on the ship, it’s 1 hand for the boat and one hand for you. Keep your balance and keep safe.

Back riding the waves, the team appears happy. Many sunrises and sunsets later end of tour duty is fast approaching. I start to wonder what signs to watch for that people are prepared to get off the ship. Oye! How do they handle the stress? After all, my stints on recreational boats are much briefer and less crew. So, I asked about.

“When the men get quiet,” says Mike. “If you are standing watch together and for four hours they do not say one word when normally you’d be having a good conversation. After that you’ll see them begin fouling things up a lot. Some guys will just explode, or else they’ll do something – either conscientiously or subconscientiously – where it is endangering their job.”

Wendy says you are going to hear of somebody who starts giving things away. Saying goodbye to other people on the ship or just seems despondent. These are typically signs of suicide, she says. Notably, amongst the younger team members.

When it comes time to destress, hit the gym onboard the ship or do some form of exercise. Talk to your peers and find some alone time. Particularly if you’re married. It helps ease their stress as well. If email is not easily available, write those emails , then once in port send them out all at once. Guaranteed the receiver will be awaiting them. “Remember it is important to take care of yourself,” says Captain Tod. “Not just mentally but physically. Sometimes you have-to consume that pastry at 3:00am or beverage that thick coffee. Working long hours adds extra stress to your body both physically and emotionally.”

Finally, it is important to enjoy your time off. Isn’t that one of the beauties of going to sea? Someone else is doing your work on the ship for the next 75 days or however long your tour of duty is. Get rested up for possum control. Recharge. Then get ready to get back out there for those long hitches.

Sailing Ships

Sailing Boat, Sailing Yacht

Many of the ships were Australian Flags. Today you’ll discover seafarers prefer American flagships; the cover is better, and they are unionized. “There’s far more paperwork now,” says Third Mate Mike Loesch. “Instead of doing only the noon report, you are now doing three reports every day.”

They had a keeper whose sole job was to keep the home, keep it provided of clothing, food, and walk the beaches after the storms. The guys must stay for a couple weeks. Some got back on boats heading north. Over the years they have been controlled by the US Coast Guard and the Navy. Today just 1 house remains in Martin County on Gilbert’s Bar. In 1976 it was recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.

Since this is a massive topic I thought I’d stay the program. And, enlist the support of a couple seafarers. Third Mate Mike attends to his security inspections or maintenance if the chief spouse wants it done. After lunch he relieves another third partner and stands watch until dinner. The conclusion of the 12-hour day and another sunset. If the boat is docked, rather than standing lookout on the bridge he’d be in the cargo control room monitoring the freight operations. Also making rounds on deck and assessing the lines. 1 thing you do not need is the boat to slip away from the pier.

Hot and cold meals are provided three times per day. Breakfast is your typical fare. Lunch and dinner offers many different fish, meat and a salad bar. If anybody has a food allergy, like I do, you will need to let the Captain know when you board the boat. In accordance with Civilian Mariner Wendy, I’d starve on the navy’s ship. Their food is chiefly noodle foods using a salad bar and overcooked veggies. I find this ironic because she is on a logistics ship.

Must be inspection day now. Not certain why. To me a review is a fantastic thing. If they find something wrong on the boat it has reported, then mended. Right? Well, not necessarily correct. Usually from firsthand experience years before when they crewed. Certainly not how things are done now or what you had been told to do. Regulations are changing all of the time, and everybody is expected to adapt. However, resources aren’t always made available.

Woohoo Bexar County Wildlife Removal! After countless sunsets of reds, gray and pink, land is finally in sight. The boat is going into port where its team members get to go onshore for a mental health break. The only question – is it filled with safety checkpoints or can you walk right off the boat and be in the center of everything? Some men like to get away or have a rest. Those that come in on a Foreign flagship usually visit Walmart before going out again. Poor Wendy, that is when she gets the busiest. She arranges travel for some of her team members which are leaving the boat for holiday. They do not get to leave the boat until their replacement will get onboard. Mike and Captain Tod do not always go ashore . I do not always agree. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get off the boat for a change of scenery. Even if only for a few hours. That would be an excellent help. Exactly like in corporate, the team is asked to do more with less people. According to Mike, the distinction is that the office building is not likely to run into something.

If you have read any of my things, you will know security is a mega concern. Crowley Maritime sets it high on their list also. Every meeting begins with a security and cultural moment including wellness and behavior. They realize to be a top performing company they have to support their workers work life balance and wellness. Their trainings vary depending upon the boat. Its operations.

side personnel. Each oil ship has magnetic signals throughout the boat. “We don’t need to be responsive,” says David DeCamp, Sr Communicator, Strategist for Crowley Maritime. “We are thinking prevention and preventing incidents as far as possible.” Just remember, once you’re on the boat, it’s 1 hand for the boat and one hand for you. Keep your balance and keep safe.

Back riding the waves, the team appears happy. Many sunrises and sunsets later end of tour obligation is fast approaching. I start to wonder what signs to watch for that folks are prepared to get off the boat. Oye! How can they handle the stress? After all, my stints on recreational boats are a lot briefer and less crew. So, I asked about.

“When the men get silent,” says Mike. “If you are standing watch together and for four hours they do not say 1 word when normally you would be having a fantastic conversation. You then’ll see them begin fouling things up a lot. Some guys will just burst, or else they’ll do something – either conscientiously or subconscientiously – where it is endangering their job.”

Wendy says you are going to hear of somebody who starts giving away things. Saying goodbye to other people on the boat or simply seems despondent. These are typically signs of suicide, ” she says. Notably, amongst the younger team members.

When it is time to destress, hit the gym onboard the boat or do some kind of exercise. Talk to your peers and find some alone time. Particularly if you’re married. It helps ease their anxiety also. If email isn’t easily available, write those emails , then once in port ship them out all at once. Guaranteed the receiver will be awaiting them. “Remember it is important to look after yourself,” states Captain Tod. “Not only mentally but physically. Sometimes you have-to consume that pastry at 3:00am or beverage that thick coffee. Working long hours adds additional stress to your body both physically and emotionally.”

Ultimately, it is important to enjoy your time off. Someone else is doing your work on the boat for another 75 days or however long your tour of duty is. Recharge. Then get ready to get back out there for all those long hitches.

Money Idea’s

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Money is quite important in life. Therefore, there’s a need to be properly educated on the problem of finances in order to handle them in a better way. Let us briefly look at the next three lessons:

The ordinary pursues cash in life. But the great ones pursue great ideas. Good ideas normally solve people’s challenges or issues in life. Once there is a excellent idea that is transformed in fact, it automatically brings money. Think about good Edison and the light bulb? Today the electric industry is just great. It’s hard to live without it. Think of Henry Ford and the creation of the car? It’s just mind-blowing. We can’t complete the list. You, therefore, need to generate ideas that will benefit humanity. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the money you require in your life. There’ll be mutual benefit. Individuals will benefit from your idea that’s been turned into a solution for their problems. On the other hand, you’ll find the money you require.

Money is an idea.

2) Money Doesn’t make you rich

There are people who have money. Some earn big money but they are not rich. Money doesn’t make you rich. However, what makes you rich? It’s what you do with this. If you follow those people who are rich, you find that they use their money to purchase assets. Then those resources work for them to build their wealth. But others, they use the money to get liabilities. Some have been destroyed by failure to properly handle money.

How do you use your money?

3) Deal with two Money issues

Those are; lack of money i.e. too small and too much money. You, therefore, need to learn how to deal with either of both of these problems. Which of those two problems have you got? How are you coping with it?

You have learned three lessons about money. I pray that you might put these lessons into practice. Each lesson is quite important. You need to manage challenges you have that are associated with any of these. Terrific things in life do not just come. You want to take action. Take responsibility for your life including finances. Get yourself Critter Control Round Rock.

Money Tips

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Money is quite important in life. Therefore, there’s a need to be properly educated on the problem of finances so as to manage them in a better way click now. Let’s briefly look at the next three lessons:

The ordinary pursues cash in life. But the fantastic ones pursue great thoughts. Excellent ideas normally resolve people’s challenges or issues in life. Once there’s a excellent idea that’s transformed in fact, it automatically brings cash. Think about good Edison and the light bulb? Today the electrical industry is simply terrific. It’s difficult to live without it. Think about Henry Ford and the creation of the car? It’s just mind-blowing. We can’t complete the list. You, therefore, need to create ideas that will benefit humanity. As soon as you’ve done that, you’ll have the money that you require on your life. There’ll be mutual benefit. Individuals will benefit from the idea that’s been turned into a solution for their problems. On the other hand, you’ll find the money you require.

2) Money Doesn’t make you rich

There are those who have money. Some earn big money but they aren’t rich. Money doesn’t make you rich. However, what makes you wealthy? It’s what you do with this. If you follow those people who are wealthy, you find that they use their money to purchase assets. Then those resources work for them to build their prosperity. Some have been destroyed by failure to correctly handle money.

How can you use your cash?

Those are; lack of cash i.e. too small and too much cash. You, therefore, need to understand how to take care of either of both of these problems. Which of those two problems have you got? How are you coping with it?

You’ve learned three lessons about money. I pray that you might put these lessons into practice. Each lesson is quite important. You will need to manage challenges that you have that are associated with some of these. Terrific things in life don’t just come. You want to take action.

How to Save Money During Building Construction

Under Construction, Construction Site

Construction of a building typically starts with planning and designs by the architect through the customer’s requirements then it proceeds to finance the project until its built and ready for use. Most clients want to create a home that would reflect their personality but within a manageable budget and yet fit their personal aesthetic requirement, this could be a tricky task to achieve without taking measures to reduce costs where necessary, this is why we have assembled a few tips to get you started.

Knowledge they say is electricity so therefore being informed before making any decision be it materials, styles and most especially the execution is very important to choose wisely. To properly do this you should get several suggestions and quotas from various contractors and subcontractors which states their requirements for labor, supervision and materials together with the price attached, this will enable you compare and contrast between them and choose wisely the one which fits into your budget and get references to make sure whomever you choose can deliver to the standard you need and to receive a well-rounded image of the individual you are working with, this will help you avoid additional expenses to correct mistakes which could be incurred as a result of poor management by the contractor.

Improvise During Construction

There are several requirements and expectations which goes into a construction one of which include kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, these can cost you a lot if you are building them off-site then before installing them. However you can save yourself a whole lot of money by building them on website yourself, with just minimal masonry and labour you could build a more sustainable kitchen cabinets and wardrobe then finish it with marble tiles or stones that looks amazing and would last longer than the wooden one made off.

Adapt Sustainable Execution

To consider one must avoid anything that would incur unnecessary problems in the future since it not only reduces the quality of the building it also impacts your investment.

The execution of phases like electrical and plumbing fittings could generate faults later if not handled properly, for example we have noticed that conduit system of installation of plumbing fittings can be tough to maintain if need arises because breaking of the walls and patching up it destroys the aesthetic value of the building as well as the structural value. To avoid this however it is ideal to adapt the duct system during planning so that supply can be made for the pipes within the building where the pipes could pass then later can be covered with aluminum louvers, that way it is neat and sustainable.

Building materials today are of different kinds and from different companies, the market is full of substandard products because of the fact that lots of companies reproduce materials made by other companies for a cheaper price but for lesser grade, so it might help you to make proper enquiries for professional advice on materials from builders in order that they can recommend quality materials for good prices. In some instances these contractors or subcontractors can get you a better deal on bulk items like timber, paint and fittings because they may have a close relationship with the dealers.

Reuse Materials

In building construction materials can be salvaged and reused however possible, frequently materials that could be reused are wasted during stages of construction. Materials like lumber which serve several purpose in construction like formwork, scaffoldings, bracing etc can nevertheless be reused, for example planks used as formwork for floor slab might also be denied for lintels and beams thereby saving you additional cost on buying extra wood. The key point to notice is to be careful when eliminating the formwork so as to not damage them too badly.

Provide Your Own Water

A typical building construction site needs continuous water for virtually every action so if you supply your own supply of water without needing to buy you will save yourself a whole lot, you can do it by digging a temporal well or digging a borehole. This source of water may also benefit you if you decide to mould your own masonry blocks on site, eventually it may be retained for use after the job is completed.

Security for Materials

Theft and vandalism is a common thing in construction industry so it would be smart to seek to secure your materials ahead, most men and women build a temporal storage space with a container or constructed with roofing material. This will be used to store your materials till you finish the job, if however the storage is not serving its purpose maybe you could hire a security staff to guard the place.

How Can You Tell If Your Relationship Is Healthy?

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People and relations evolve. It can be a bit like hitting a moving target or seeking to comprehend something that’s always in flux. While bonds can be tough to manage, a fantastic relationship is well worth the effort.

A good relationship can have amazing benefits, but an unhealthy relationship can be worse than being lonely.

How can you tell if your relationship is a good one? There isn’t a foolproof method for scoring a link, but strong associations have a lot of common features.

Look for these healthy signs:

1. Balance. A balance will mean different things to different associations. By way of instance, there could be a significant imbalance in the fiscal responsibility within a connection, but some other aspect could serve to compensate for that discrepancy.

Generally, is the relationship fair? Is every party committing the same overall effort and resources? Or is 1 party consistently getting the better end of the deal?
2. Openness. Both parties feel free to talk about their feelings and concerns honestly and openly. It is no fun to be in a relationship where you believe you must maintain your pain and worries to yourself. Are you comfortable sharing any issue?
3. A common long-term outlook. For a relationship to thrive over the long-haul, it is vital that there be a frequent objective. That objective might involve children and a life in the suburbs. Or, it may be retiring at age 40 and travel the world.

4. Fun. Good ties are fun. Do you have fun with your partner? Do you enjoy sharing the same space together? Have you got fun in your relationship or do you depend on your friends for fun and entertainment?

Respect. Mutual respect is crucial in any strong bond. Without respect, 1 person will be mistreated or minimized. Do you respect each other enough that the two of you feel important and valued?
6. Able to settle conflicts without abuse or bitterness. Conflicts arise in any connection. Resolving disputes fairly and respectfully is part of any healthy relationship. It is just as important to be able to let go of any resentment which stemmed from the conflict. Holding on to anger is poison into the future of their connection.

How do you resolve issues in your relationship? Do these kinds of conversations make your relationship stronger or more delicate? Do you feel anxious about raising concerns with your partner? Acceptance. Do you take each other as you are? Some partners enter into a relationship with the objective of changing the other person to suit their preferences better. Few folks are accepting of the strategy. If you can not take your spouse as they are, think about finding someone else.
Keep in mind that no one is perfect, and you’ll never find the ideal partner.
8. Commitment. Bonds are work. If one or both parties aren’t committed to making things work, the alliance is unlikely to survive. Just how much of a priority would be your relationship to both of you? Most relationships can be successful if the degree of commitment is high enough.
Healthy relationships are a crucial part of a complete and happy life. Unhealthy relationships can create hardship and distress. Make certain that your relationships are adding something positive to your life.

Fallout Shelters

Recently, from October 4 through October 7, 2016, the Russian government conducted a drill evacuating 40 million people in 5,000 bunkers. The drill was a most significant show of a Civil Defense Exercise ever done in the background. Russians know that a significant percentage of the civilians can be sheltered and protected in bunkers however powerful the atomic attack is! What does this signify? The relations between Russia and the US have attained to a state that remind us of a Cold-War age when a nuclear war always seemed an immediate possibility. So we are back to square one. While the old nuclear bomb fallout shelters of the’50s and’60s in the US are technologically redundant, the US government hasn’t done anything on building modern nuclear bunkers to protect its civilian population. Why?

Because the institution buys the theory that the whole human race will go extinct after a nuclear war. The Nuclear Winter theory has caught the psyche of the scientists, the think tanks and the US authorities all alike. In reality, the theory is a huge hoax. The theory maintains that the detonation of a great number of nuclear bombs will produce as much smoke and smut that it would block sun radiation reaching earth resulting into a complete annihilation of human race and other living species from this planet. The concept is largely a brainchild of Carl Sagan. Surprisingly, he never did any active research on the topic of nuclear winter nor was he directly involved in building the models or conducting the simulations. He frequently argued in favor of disarmament and anti-nuclear stance at many platforms. They made everybody in the US to think that nuclear war could bring an end to the human race. Sagan visualized that the world would come to an end after a nuclear war and for that reason, advised against any civil defense program to be in place.

The Russians, the Swiss, the Chinese and lots of others do not seem to have endorsed the concept of nuclear winter. That’s the reason they are bunker-ready, but the US is not. Wein, Choi and Denuit assert that if a large proportion of people should be rescued from ground-level detonation in the Washington, DC – or for that matter in any other city then sheltering is a better strategy than evacuation. According to them,”Sheltering in place (and especially in basements) is greatly preferred to evacuation once the goal is to save lives.” Evacuating people to a remote place away from the affected area would be technically not a viable preposition because of the severe radiation effects in the areas after the nuclear blast. The only safe way is going to be that individuals travel to nearby bunkers as quickly as possible without wasting much time as exposure to radiation for a longer time would reduce the survival rates or create health issues in due course of time.

As per the US intelligence report, Russia is growing a great number of underground command bunkers. A CIA report says that the underground structure is a lot bigger in area than previously supposed. The threat of nuclear attack is currently not only from Russia but from a number of other quarters too. Following 9/11, a nuclear attack by terrorists can’t be ruled out entirely. The mass majority of the US people are absolutely unaware of the consequences; the US government hasn’t planned or done anything to protect the common people from an impending nuclear radiation hazard. The only way people can endure from nuclear attacks is the self-evacuation into a shelter nearby as promptly as possible – specifically built to protect them from radiation effects.

A lot of myths prevail among the people, especially in the US about the devastating effects of a nuclear war. One of the myths is that nuclear radiation will last for such a long time that people will have to remain in shelter for a year or more. To remain in bunkers for this a long time isn’t feasible, and for that reason, there isn’t any sense in building bunkers. It’s been estimated that when the radiation dose rate is 1000R/hour a minute following a burst, it is going to take only two weeks for the radiation dose to come down to the level of 1R/hr. A number of other factors of weather such as rain will lower down the dose rate even further. This fact establishes that the most people can come out of the shelters and proceed outdoors safely after two weeks and start their daily activities. Make sure its sealed up tight if Rodents get in its not like theres a Wildlife Control service in the post apocalypse.

Patton, A Questionable Death

Many times we’re taught there are absolutes. What we read and are taught there are certain facts which Critter Control Austin shouldn’t be called into question. In math for example 1+1=2 is true that should not be questioned. Many times we’re taught especially in history there are underlying circumstances where certain facts come into light years and even decades afterwords that dispute what we were initially thought was true and factual. Some believe in conspiracy theories backed up by unsubstantiated events and non verifiable details. Then there are other times what we think are just conspiracy theories on verifiable information comes to light that suggests that maybe it wasn’t a conspiracy after all but certain events really did happen.

One of the most fascinating historical references that showcase events listed in the present history might have been altered to cover up what actually did occur. What pupils are taught and still are purposely omits certain information that would change how we look at people and events that shaped the course of nations. The events during the last part of World War II suggest that information withheld or not recorded played a very important role in the future of not only the United States but Russia and the rest of the world.

Through-out history in times of warfare ordinary men were called upon to do extraordinary things. Feats of bravery and courage under fire are all testaments to the mental fortitude that surfaces in times of imminent danger. The great war heroes of history all had the mental tenacity to not just survive but to persevere until their mission was accomplished. He’s been called many things including a military genius, a legend and even a son-of-a-bitch. But, even now 72 years after his death he is still considered to be the one U.S. Army General that epitomizes the fighting soldier of World War II.

While history points that his untimely demise was due to a traffic accident in which Patton suffered sever neck and head trauma and latter died of an embolism because of the results of that collision. Today, though new evidence has shed light on the death of Americas biggest war General. Was he a goal of America’s Top Brass and Russian influence? Was the traffic accident staged in order to felicitate the murder of General Patton? And why if he was not murdered did the Army go to these lengths to cover up all of the evidence following the accident. And, why was there no report of this accident filed? Another disturbing fact why was there no autopsy performed to uncover the real cause of death? All these questions which have arisen more than imply that’s more to the facts that our history books say.

Who was General Patton? He was after all the richest General of America. A man of extraordinary talent. A man of contradictory characteristics. Patton was the 1 soldier from the Second World War who stood apart from all the rest. He was the sole General that the Germans feared the most. Without deviation he exerted his full energies toward winning and the pursuit of excellence. He was after all harder on himself than he was of any of his guys. So why was Patton’s life cut short?

The evidence that points to Patton’s assassination has been mounting for the last decade so that now there’s more than enough information to dispute prior knowledge that Patton died of injuries suffered in that fateful car crash in Germany. On this day in December before Patton was going to return to the United States to start a speaking tour the General was the only person hurt in what was described as only a fender-bender. The truck that hit Patton’s automobile was waiting for the Generals car on the other side of the street. It did not start up until the Generals car came into view. The truck which side swiped the car was a stolen Army truck driven by an unknown cone and a passenger. Immediately after hitting the Generals car both inside the truck vanished as did the driver, a Sergeant in a jeep who had been leading the Patton Cadillac. Almost to the second after the crash high ranking officers descended upon the vehicle crash. If this accident wasn’t staged how come so many Army officers came almost to the moment of the collision. Another interesting point that signals this was no accident all investigations and reports have mysteriously disappeared.

Within 12 days after the injury the General died of an apparent sudden embolism we were initially considered to trust. Now, information has surfaced that the General was poisoned and that is the reason why there was no autopsy and why the General was quickly buried in Germany instead of the United States. We have to remember at the time Patton was the only high ranking General pointing out the Soviets were more interested in taking over Germany for themselves. Patton knew the Soviets in taking over Germany would lead the United States to the Cold War. Patton was censured, ignored and dismissed by Ike and the other American top brass. Patton was threatening to expose what actually went on during the war which cost more American lives than necessary. The insight of Patton proved that he was correct in his assumptions about the Soviets under Stalin.

This exposure by Patton would have squashed the aspirations and reputations of Ike who was the Allied Supreme Commander. It also would have subjected the Russian treachery where the United States gave Stalin essentially Card Blanche over Eastern Europe. A move that Patton realized and was prepared to fight against this treachery. This, the Soviet and American governments feared and reacted in a most barbarous cover up to disguise the real reason of the departure of Americas Great General.

Otto Von Bismark

Though commercially deferring to William, in truth Bismarck was accountable for adjusting the king with the wisdom of his and the unexpected tantrum when using royal decrees to circumvent the potency of officials who are elected.

In 1864 Bismarck started the series of wars that would create Prussian energy in Europe. Denmark was assaulted by him to obtain the German speaking territories of Schleswig Holstein and 2 decades later provoked Emperor Franz Josef I into launching the Austro Prussian War (1866), that ended in a swift defeat for its ageing Austrian empire. Right now, Bismarck intelligently declined to levy a war indemnity against the Austrians.

Bismarck was much less circumspect in the behavior of his of the Franco Prussian War (1870 71). Seeing the opportunity to unify Germany’s loose-fitting confederations from an outside enemy, Bismarck stirred political tensions between Prussia and France, famously filming a telegram from William I to create both places think insulted from the various other. Prussia levied an indemnity, annexed the French border provinces of Lorraine and Alsace and crowned William emperor of a unified Germany (the Second Reich) at the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles – a huge insult to the French.

With Germany united, William I and Bismarck switched to entrenching the domestic power of theirs. For a whole lot of the 1870s Bismarck pursued a Kulturkampf (cultural struggle) against Catholics, who made up thirty six percent of Germany’s public, by putting parochial schools under state management and expelling the Jesuits. In 1878 Bismarck relented, allying with the Catholics against the increasing socialist threat.

In the 1880s Bismarck set apart his conservative impulses to fight the socialists by making Europe’s first modern welfare state, creating national healthcare (1883), accident insurance (1884) along with aging pensions (1889). Bismarck also hosted the 1885 Berlin Conference which finished the”Scramble for Africa,” dividing the continent between the European powers and setting up German colonies in Cameroon, Togoland and Southwest and east Africa.

William I died in 1888 and has been succeeded by the son Frederick III of his and then his grandson William II, each of whom Bismarck discovered hard to restrain. In 1890 the brand new king pushed Bismarck out. William II was left in command of a flourishing single condition but was ill equipped to maintain Bismarck’s thoroughly manipulated balance of international rivalries. Respected as well as honored by the moment of the death of his 8 years later, Bismarck immediately grew to become a quasi mythic figure invoked by political leaders calling for effective German leadership – or even for battle.

Bio of Lenin

He excelled at school and proceeded to study law. At faculty, he was subjected to radical thinking, in addition to his opinions were also affected by the execution of the elder brother of his, a member of a revolutionary group.

Expelled from school for the revolutionary policies of his, Lenin conducted his law degree as being an external pupil in 1891. He moved to St Petersburg and became an experienced revolutionary. Like lots of the contemporaries of his, he was arrested and exiled to Siberia, exactly where he married Nadezhda Krupskaya. Following his Siberian exile, Lenin – the pseudonym he used in 1901 – invested the vast majority of the consequent fifteen years in Western Europe, where he emerged as a prominent figure within the international groundbreaking campaign and was the leader of the’ Bolshevik’ faction of the Russian Social Democratic Worker’s Party.

Founded from the Germans, who desired he’d weaken the Russian war effort, Lenin was returned home where he began working contrary to the provisional government which had overthrown the tsarist routine. He finally led what was soon to be recognized as the October Revolution, but was a powerful a coup d’etat. Nearly 3 years of civil war followed. The Bolsheviks were victorious and also assumed complete control of the nation. During this particular period of revolution, famine and war, Lenin demonstrated a chilling disregard for the sufferings of the fellow countrymen of his and mercilessly crushed some resistance.

Although Lenin was ruthless he’d also been pragmatic. When the efforts of his to change the Russian economy to a socialist system stalled, he introduced the new Economic Policy, where a degree of individual venture was once again permitted, a policy which lasted for a few years following the death of his. Although was severely injured, in 1918, Lenin narrowly survived an assassination attempt. The long term health of his was changed, and in 1922 he set up with a stroke from that he hardly ever completely recovered. In his declining many years, he concerned about the bureaucratization of this regime in addition to expressed concern over the growing strength of his final successor Joseph Stalin. Lenin died on twenty five January 1924. His corpse was embalmed and positioned in a mausoleum on Moscow’s Red Square.

A Brief Look Back at Iwo Jima

My dad, Cpl Norman P Sprague, fought at Iwo Jima so I did an in depth look at everything that happened there. One thing that I discovered was that the iconic picture that was taken by Joe Rosenthal was of the next flag that was hoisted on Mount Suribachi. My second discovery was that only two years before that time, the correct names of those raising that flag became famous for the first time. It has been many years since the battle of Iwo Jima during WW II yet the truth had not been known exactly.

One thing I’ve done in my examination has been to identify the men who had raised the flag and I have afterwards discovered that there was at least a third flag also. I have the image but not the identities of flag number three. Then wind came up so that they needed help and they were then aided by Cpl Charles Lindberg, Pfc James Michels, Pfc Raymond Jacobs and Navy Corpsman John Bradley. “Flags of our Fathers” was written by his son James Bradley. I read his book and watched the movie also. This flag was 54″ x 28″ on the very first one and it had been taken from the USS Missoula, a transport ship. The photographer was Louis Lowery for that film.

As for flag number two, the one that gets all the glory, the guys are: Sgt Michael Strank, Cpl Hanlon H Block, Pfc Franklin R Sousley, Pfc Ira H Hayes, Pfc Rene A Gagnan and Harold Schultz.The Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Rosenthal for his perfect photo of the bigger flag and men. The flag was 96″ x 56″ in size and came from The LST-779 which was a tank transport ship. For several years Sgt Henry Hanson was believed to have been one of the flag raisers but was not one. Sadly, he never had gotten to leave Iwo Jima alive because he was killed by a sniper’s bullet .

He headed the first marines from the 28th regiment of the 5th marine division to get to the top of the mountain and not understanding what he would face when he got there.

The Japanese were headed by General Tadamichi Kuribayashi who had his men well hidden underground. There were 21,000 men hiding in 13,000 yards of tunnel with a thousand cave entrances. They were well prepared for the coming onslaught of our fighting marines. My dad was with the 3rd Marine Div. That had responsibility for the middle of the island. His branch were a reserve unit since they’d come from a brand new battle at Guam. Dad as a part of a scout party, nevertheless went out early so he must see more action. Fortunately, he made it out alive. Marine command said there were 17, 372 injured and 5,931 killed on Iwo Jima. The 4th Marine Div. Fought along the beaches and the quarry area while the 5th Marines concentrated on Mt Suribachi and the other beaches nearby. The 3rd Division went toward the airfields and their part of wounded was 4438 and 1131 murdered. The entire island was dangerous and there were lots of heros.

The Japanese lost 19,977 guys and there were 216 navy and 867 army members taken prisoner. One other discovery was that the Japanese had used Korean slaves to help fight to the end.

After that conflict, the next fight was at Okinawa and then there were bombing raids on the Japanese mainland. The Japanese formerly surrendered on Sept. 2, 1945 aboard the USS Missouri boat after the atomic bomb droppings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had taken place.

Crocs in Wartime

This article is not about the zoo, but about a particular species of crocodile known as the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus). This is a saltwater species, something of which I wasn’t aware. In India, the reptile is the alligator and it infests the fresh water rivers and lakes in the Ganga to the Cauvery. However there is a sprinkling of saltwater crocodiles along the east coast of India. The Al Ain zoo includes a saltwater reptile and he looks a ferocious monster. Just looking at him sends shivers down the spine.

The saltwater crocodile is the most ferocious of the reptiles and also grows to gigantic size. It is also a meat-eater. 1 particular episode during World War II, brings out the fierce character of the monster. The saltwater crocodile has its habitat in swamps and mangroves near the sea in the entire East Indies, Burma and the Philippines. There’s one tale of an encounter with the Imperial army on the island of Ramree, which is hair-raising and incredible.

The saltwater crocodile as I have already mentioned is a voracious meat-eater. In addition it’s very strong and large and it is not uncommon to have a reptile growing to a size of 15-30 feet and weighs over 2000 pounds. It’s the largest reptilian predator in the world. The books on natural history tell us that the saltwater crocodile infested in greatest numbers on the island of Ramree. The island is close to the coast of Burma on the Bay of Bengal. In 1942 the Imperial army struck and not only captured the islands of the Andamans, but also the island of Ramree. The battles in Burma are well recorded and the British Indian army went to retreat as the Imperial army struck all across Burma. Thousands of soldiers of the 8th army were captured. There wasn’t much resistance on the island of Ramree, but its strategic importance was great, as it overlooked the Bay of Bengal.

The island of Ramree was occupied by the Japanese, who set up a garrison there. The island remained under Japanese occupation for 3 years. By December 1944, the British Indian army had broken the siege of Kohima and Imphal and moved into Burma. The overall staff led by the C Field Marshal William Slim was keen that the island of Ramree be seized and an airfield be constructed there for distribution lines to the troops operating in Burma.

In early January 1945, the Indian 26th division under Major General HM Chambers captured the town of Akyab. They holed up inside caves on the island, which overlooked the landing beaches. A decision was taken to get a frontal attack and landing with a gun barrage from ships of the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy drafted the Battleship Queen Elizabeth and many other warships for an incessant bombardment of the island and the caves, where the Imperial army soldiers were hiding.

On 14 January the plan was set into operation and the Royal Navy started a heavy bombardment of known Japanese positions. Under cover of this heavy barrage the 71st Indian Infantry brigade of Sikhs under command of Brigadier RC Cotterell assaulted the island. It was a success for Indian arms since the Japanese gave up the shore defences and retreated inwards. Maybe they thought they would be safe from the advancing Sikh troops of the British Indian army.

A history of the battle reveals that the naturalist Bruce Stanley Wright was and the Indian army and made meticulous notes. He records that the night of 19th January was particularly harrowing as the Japanese troops retreated towards the swamps. This was a terrible disaster for the Imperial army as the swamps were infested with the salt water crocodiles. Pupils of natural history tell us that the biggest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the world is from the swamps and mangroves of Ramree.

The Retreating Japanese, to escape the incessant attacks of the British Indian regiment entered the swamps. It was a terrible time. The notes of that period show that there was occasional shooting all night long with cries of Japanese soldiers as they were attacked and eaten by the crocodiles. No exact figures are available, but the Guinness book records it as the single biggest crocodile attack on humans. It’s estimated that anything from 500-1000 Imperial army soldiers were devoured by the crocodiles. Bruce Stanley Wright has recorded that just about 20 Japanese army soldiers survived and were rescued and according to him up of 1000 Japanese soldiers were attacked and eaten by the crocodiles.

Many historians debunk the tale of the massacre, but some facts do point to a veracity of the episode. However the only authentic source of the information of a crocodile attack would be the notes of Wright. Most soldiers who took part in the assault were illiterate and have expired long ago. All the same this narrative makes interesting reading. I do feel that there’s some truth in this episode and though the figure of one thousand soldiers being eaten, may be an exaggeration, Perhaps the figure could be close to 80-100.

The crocodile certainly inspires awe and I can visualize the plight of those Japanese soldiers that were literally between the devil and the deep-sea as they confronted the Indian troops and naval bombardment on one side and the crocodiles on the other side. This is what makes war history so interesting.

Fun Facts About Salt Water Crocs

When you holiday in the Northern Territory, it is wise to check with Parks and Wildlife centres to find out where it is safe to get in the water. There are water leisure centers and tours to help keep you safe from the saltwater croc. Visit a crocodile park or farm; they allow you to hold a baby croc. They are quite soft and cold to the touch. Help feed the small and large crocodiles. Get some terrific photos. Read the following to learn what you might not know about the’salty’.

1. A saltwater crocodile has 65 teeth.

Their teeth are sharp-pointed, inter-locking and are perpetually replaced. A single croc may grow up to 3,000 teeth in its lifetime. A little bird hops right into the ancient estuarine Crocodile’s mouth and cleans its teeth.

2. A saltwater crocodile swallows stones and pebbles

It is believed the purpose of this is to give them ballast when diving, and are frequently ingested to assist digestion – crushing food by a grinding activity within the gizzard of the gut.


Since Northern Australia has some small, inoffensive crocodiles limited to brackish or fresh water, most individuals think all inland crocodiles are freshwater crocodiles. That is extremely misleading. It can and has lulled people taking great risks in what are dangerous places as they know the freshwater crocodile to be usually benign,unless provoked. The saltwater crocodile begins its life in brackish or fresh water, and only travels out to the ocean when it is nearly fully grown to search for new territory.

4. A saltwater crocodile can and will swim in from ocean estuaries hundreds of kilometers

Saltwater crocodiles have been known to reside for the rest of their lives. So, do not think that they are only in the sea.

5. A saltwater crocodile has greatly ossified scales along its back called the armor.

Their scales are the same substance that hooves and nails are made from; keratin. Among the chief purposes of crocodile scales is for their protection.

6. The saltwater breeding female crocodile will chill her eggs with water carried by her mouth into the nest or spray urine on them.

She lays about 30 to 90 eggs and covers them with a lot of the identical material. They’re incubated for 3 months. The saltwater crocodile lays in the wet season and several nests are destroyed by floodwaters.

7. The saltwater breeding female crocodile will collect the hatchlings in her mouth.

She will watch over them till they can look after themselves.

8. A saltwater man crocodile is cannibalistic.

Juvenile crocodiles are eaten by the territorial mature males. Even with all the mother’s care, only about 20% survive to maturity, as goannas, snakes, sharks, turtles and birds will eat them, also.

9. The saltwater crocodile has a solid muscular tail that it uses to propel itself forward

Each of the propulsion and steering comes in the paddling of the flattened tail.

10. Crocodile culling was last done in 1971 in the Northern Territory.

Saltwater crocodiles are now, sadly, becoming a public menace as their numbers grow. They have increased in the Northern Territory from approximately 5,000 to 80,000 in 38 years, and they are moving closer to residential areas.

Is it up to us to stay out of the way? After all, these animals held unchallenged dominion over equatorial wetlands and waterways for 65 million years after dinosaurs had gone.

It’s the larger crocodile that strains and it would be these huge ones which the crocodile hunter would aim. The Parks and Wildlife have taken many large dangerous saltwater crocodiles away from regions that humans also regular. They’ve been known to return within a few weeks, unless they’re taken to a crocodile farm. It has been said, by interested parties, that even if dozens of crocodiles were culled, how can it be guaranteed that just one crocodile won’t come to a proclaimed safe location. It only takes one reptile to kill one person.

To cull or not to cull?

Gator Wrestling Tips

The film’The Waterboy’, a teacher asked:”Why are alligators so aggressive?”

The waterboy replied:”Momma tells me alligators are ornery because they have all those teeth but no toothbrush!”

Nigel Marven, the wild life expert, New York City Opossum Removal wasn’t pleased with what his mother told him about alligators. He spent a year in Southern Florida in 2002 studying their manners and making movies about them.

A group of his experiences on film are known as’Nigel Marven’s Alligator Adventure’. Nigel, back in England, had noticed an ad that read:

“Wanted! Alligator Wrestler. Must Be Brave and a Risk Taker!!! No Experience Needed.”

The ad described Nigel exactly. Nigel commented:

“A half million alligators are getting desperate and have begun coming into town seeking water causing big problems. That’s where my special mission will arrive in – dealing with nuisance alligators.”

Nigel realized that some kind of training would help him to survive and to succeed in his job. He chose to train with an experienced alligator wrestler, a Miccosukee Indian, called Kenny.

The Miccosukee have lived and hunted alligators in this region for centuries.

An alligator’s jaws have a devastating power of 3000lbs per square inch. Their teeth are not as sharp as crocodiles so that they don’t chew their prey. They thrash their victims around until body parts are ripped off and may be swallowed whole.

Another distinction is that crocodile snouts are narrow and pointed whereas alligator snouts are wide and round.

Kenny waved his hat in front of the eyes of a ten foot alligator to get it to open its mouth. He tapped above its snout several times with his hand

He then put his hands close to its mouth. When it snapped its jaws closed and then opened them, he moved in fast and closed its jaws with his left hands beneath along with his right palm on top. He finally gripped its jaws with his thumbs on top and his fingers underneath.

He moved closer bending the alligator’s neck back with his left knee. He then moved anticlockwise round the left side of the alligator stepping first with his right leg, holding its jaws shut with his left hand alone until he could sit on its back pulling back its head with both hands. Again his thumbs were on top and his fingers underneath.

It was Nigel’s turn next. He had a go at a five foot alligator. What it lacked in size, it would make up for in speed. He approached it from the rear. It took him a while to get his courage up for his first move.

Then he proceeded in fast squatting on its back just behind its front legs and covering its eyes with his left hand which also slammed its head to the ground. This closed its mouth so Nigel could catch its jaws with his thumbs in addition to its upper jaw and his fingers beneath the lower jaw.

To tie up its jaws he would need to bend its neck back before the alligator’s closed snout could be held in a clamped position under his own chin! The alligator did not enjoy this experience:

“I can hear that hissing. It’s going throughout my body.”

He got off by putting down its head and then moving quickly away from its jaws.

Nigel decided he’d learned enough grappling techniques and headed off to find the creatures from the wild. He was, after all, a crazy life scientist in addition to an alligator wrestler!

That day he travelled to a small pool filled with alligators. He could see orange red eyes and feel the tension in the atmosphere. It would have been suicide to attempt to swim in this pool so he punted his way in.

One alligator came right up alongside his boat:

“They are curious about anything new and it’s clear they are really hungry.
You may see them gliding through the water.

“They’ve eaten all the turtles and the fish and all there is left is each other. The smaller alligators try to stay out of the way of the larger ones by sticking to the shallows but sometimes there is no escape.”

One huge alligator attacked a teenager alligator:

“It’s shaking it like a dog shaking a rat. They can’t chew. They can only grip so that they thrash and crash until they dismember the bodies of large prey.”

Later in daytime, Nigel moved close from the shallows to a large alligator and started tapping it on top of its nostrils until it opened its mouth wide. It clearly enjoyed using its snout rubbed.

Nigel place one hand in its mouth to point out the stubs of teeth which the alligator grips with. He was at the same time talking to and looking at the camera!

He then put his head in its mouth to give viewers a closer look in the throat! A camera has been attached to his forehead. An alligator has no lips to seal its mouth from water so it has a false palate which seals its throat instead.

Nigel was determined to show a close up of this amazing design feature. Unexpectedly, the alligator lost patience and snapped its jaws twice.

Nigel narrowly escaped without losing his head or his arm not to mention the camera!

“Wow! Wow! I needed to be fast there, did not I really? Pheaw! That nearly spoiled my weekend!”

Alligators cannot survive for long outdoor water so, in times of drought, they produce their own ponds or’swimming pools’. They push sand back with their front legs and then sweep it away with their rear legs and tails. These pools help other species to survive as well.

Nigel decided to explore a pool’owned’ by a large female alligator. He entered the pool while the alligator was recharging her energies at the side of the pool at sunlight. He estimated that this would take about half an hour.

He managed to unearth a salamander and an aggressively vicious snapping turtle that was just too keen to strike both him and the cameraman! Its jaws are made for cutting and not grinding. A sting could snip off a finger or thumb.

Through the program, Nigel was filled with excitement. He was thrilled to discover some of the most horrendous looking creatures that most people would pay good money to avoid.

He only just escaped the pool before the’owner’ reached him.

His next’adventure’ was to swim with enormous bull alligators and female alligators during their mating rituals. He was told by an expert to maintain at least twenty feet away from the bulls, to keep low in the water and to splash water towards an alligator when it moved towards him.

He ignored some of the advice and got within six feet of a huge bull alligator. The bulls lift their heads and tails high from the water and bellow as part of the courting ritual.

They vibrate so much with the sound of the bellow and a deeper sound beneath the level of human hearing, that the water’dances’ in the air over their backs.

Female alligators bellow too but at a higher more ladylike pitch. The water does not dance on their backs.

Nigel entered the water, as intended, to get nearer to the sounds and sights of the magical scene.

He was so absorbed in watching the amazing mating ritual of one bull that he failed to notice an alligator stalking him. Fortunately, he turned and watched it in time. The water was shallow and this helped him escape unscathed.

During mating the female is submerged underneath and when the pair gets carried away she might even drown. Normally, however, her eggs are fertilized and she places them within a couple of weeks and then after a couple of months the small alligators emerge.

They consume a hundred pounds of green things per day and have 150 foot long intestines to process all of the plants they consume.

They are so large that they don’t need to fear that the alligators. They generally come up to breathe every four minutes or so but can stay submerged for over sixteen minutes.

At one point an American crocodile joined the swimming party. There are only about 500 American crocodiles abandoned – all in Florida. Nigel’s reaction was typical:

In the next’adventure’, Nigel drew away a eight foot mom alligator from her hatching eggs so that he could get close enough to do some research. He was thrilled to hear the babies chirping as they hatched.

As he came close, she turned and snapped at him with stunning speed. But he backed off with equal speed. Maybe she was just snapping her jaws together to frighten him away. She snapped again.

He encouraged her to come towards him and tripped over some tree roots on his left. Fortunately, he kept on his toes and lived yet again!

“Cor! That snap actually got my heart beating. If they run at you they can run at twelve miles an hour. I should be able to out run her. Wow! Wow!” Each time Nigel said’Wow!’ The alligator came at him.

Eventually, Nigel lay close and low on the ground watching entranced as she assisted the baby alligators to hatch by rolling the eggs around in her mouth:

This gets the blood coursing through my veins. The baby alligators walk towards their mum. They know that she is the best way to reach the water.”

When she went to take one of two of her babies into the water, he examined the others to find out what gender they were. Their sex is determined by the temperature they are incubated at:

“That is ridiculous! These are reptiles but I feel like a proud father. This is the first day of those small hatchling lives.

Nigel also discovered some baby turtles at the alligator nest.

Alligator hatchlings stay together as a family for two or three decades but just a few will make it to maturity.

From day one they catch food for themselves but they’re also hunted by predators such as otters. The Mother alligator can not be everywhere at once especially when she’s about forty baby alligators to shield.

There’s 1 alligator for every ten people in Florida. They can be tempted by different kinds of food like dogs. They take about a hundred a year but it isn’t just pets which are in jeopardy. Alligators can turn up anywhere. Fortunately attacks on humans are extremely rare.

Nigel met fourteen year old Edna Wilkes and her friend Amanda. They were swimming at night in a lake when Edna was attacked by an alligator. She had never seen alligators in that lake wasn’t scared about swimming there.

She thought her friend Mark was squeezing her arm and said:”Mark! Stop playing around!” Then she saw a snout. Her arm was in the alligator’s jaws.

She was dragged underwater before she had an opportunity to scream along with the alligator began to spin. Alligators drown their prey and spin to rip off chunks of flesh.

Her friend could not’bear to see her die’ and handed her a board that Edna got her upper body onto. Edna used her free right arm to try to open the alligator’s mouth and to ‘mess’ with him:

“I guess I irritated him and he let me go!”

Edna kept her left arm although it had multiple fractures.

It was time for Nigel to put his knowledge and skills to the test.

A nuisance alligator had been spotted in a swimming pool. It was big and on the bottom of the pool. Nigel would have to swim underwater to capture it with his bare hands.

He was, unsurprisingly, nervous. He asked for advice from Joe, a professional friend.

Joe advised: “Be slow, careful and deliberate. Cover the eyes and make sure the mouth is closed before grabbing its snout. If necessary, push its head to the bottom of the pool to close its mouth.”

Nigel’s swam up behind the alligator along its back His first attempt to grab its closed snout failed and he came up gasping for air. On the second attempt:

Third time lucky – he drifted over the alligator and caught the snout with the jaws closed with his left hand. He brought the alligator in close the steps into the pool. His friend Joe helped him tape the mouth shut and then lift it from the pool

As usual, Nigel saw the positives of the terrifying experience:

“This bloke gave me a gorgeous ride in the swimming pool”

Florida laws said that a nuisance alligator over four feet long should be murdered but Nigel made certain this one was released to an Everglades sanctuary where it could live on for several years to come. He commented:

“I just hope the people in Florida never lose patience with their prehistoric neighbours. I’ve enjoyed my alligator experience so much.”

My step brother emailed me this poem that indicates that alligators are not necessarily the guilty party when it comes to attacks on human beings! It is known as’The Purist’ by Ogden Nash:

I give you now Professor Twist,

And sent him off to distant jungles.

Camped on a tropic riverside,

One day he missed his loving bride.

She had, the guide informed him later,

Been eaten by an alligator.

Professor Twist couldn’t but smile.

“You mean,” he said,”a crocodile.”

Several success and survival tips may be heard from Nigel’s’experiences’.

Get training from the very best in the company. Nigel sought advice from at least three experts. He also implemented their advice although not all of it.

Maintain your enthusiasm for what you are doing even if you make mistakes. Churchill defined success as going from one failure to another without losing your enthusiasm. Nigel didn’t give up in the swimming pool.

Follow your passions. Nigel had bathed at home in his tub with young caymans from an early age. He later swam with alligators.

Maintain your childhood curiosity and sense of wonder so you may enjoy your experiences on this awesome planet.

Chrissy Ogden wrote:’Keeping in touch with childhood memories keeps us believing in life’s simplest pleasures like a rainy day, a swing set, and a giant puddle to play in.’ All through the film Nigel was playing in giant puddles.

Knowledge and fascination can lessen anxiety and panic. Nigel’s mind was so filled with his curiosity about the creatures he met up with that it didn’t have space for a lot of fear. Keep learning new things and your life will be less anxious and less fearful.

Don’t give up even if you feel your life is in the grip of an’alligator’ such as illness or debt.

Be prepared to take risks although I would not suggest taking Nigel as your role model. I just checked on the internet to determine if he’s still alive. He i

Raccoon Fun Facts

While there are many animals in this country that fill people with wonder, there are few as intriguing as the raccoon and New York City Wildlife Removal. They’ve become incredibly common in most area of the country recently, so it’s essential that people brush up on their raccoon info. Since the 1940’s the national population of raccoons has increased by over 10,000%.

Raccoons have a visually distinctive look. Everyone knows about the black bandit mask and striped tail which make them such a visually iconic species. One interesting bit of raccoon advice is that this mask can also be considered by scientists to be visually renowned for the animals themselves. It is believed that it aids them in recognizing faces of other raccoons, which is helpful for such a highly social species. Their sociability is obvious if you’ve ever seen a group of raccoons walking together across the street.

Because the United States, where Raccoons originated, is quite densely populated, we have to pay special attention to raccoons who live here. This is especially true due to the great deal of raccoons who live here. Raccoons’ sociability and absence of fear toward individuals often leads to dangerous confrontations between us that can lead to rabies being dispersed from raccoon to individual. The population density of the state often exacerbates tensions since it means there are more people confronting raccoons in smaller areas than in other areas of the country. Raccoons have been known to be carriers of rabies, which makes it especially important to understand what we can about raccoon information to ensure we can live alongside each other peacefully.

The most important step to knowing raccoon information is to understand that raccoons share something important with humans: their ability to eat anything. Due to this, and the fact that they are much less finicky than we are, they are strongly attracted to our garbage. We must be sure to cap our garbage cans to make sure raccoons do not smell the remains of food inside. This is especially true here because it is going to ensure people and raccoons can get together without confrontation. Besides their desire to consume everything, raccoons share other features with humans, such as their tendency to wash their meals when in captivity. The reason for this is unknown, however, as wild raccoons haven’t been witnessed doing it.

Because raccoons carry rabies more often than most other creatures, it is crucial to speak to an animal control expert if you see one behaving strangely. There are many such folks who know specialized raccoon information that they use to handle these creatures humanely. The reason for doing so is twofold. First, it’s very important that an untrained person does not attempt to come in contact with an animal that is infected with rabies, as this may spread rabies in the raccoon to the individual. The second explanation is that it is crucial to isolate infected raccoons in order that the disease does not spread further in the raccoon community. Rabies epidemics spread incredibly fast, so controlling it quickly is the ideal solution for both humans and raccoon alike.

3 Reasons Dogs Sleep So Much

Do you want to know the top 3 reasons why puppies sleep so much? Continue reading to discover what Miramar Wildlife Removal and whether you should be concerned by gaining an understanding of your dog’s behavior.

First, allow me to explain that a dog’s sleeping habits are determined by the breed, the dog’s environment, and the dog’s age. These factors determine the amount of sleep that is required. On average, a dog is awake and active twenty percent of the time, awake but dormant thirty percent of the time, and asleep fifty percent of the time.

So why do dogs sleep so much?

The main reason is because dogs don’t get as much deep sleep as humans. Humans spend twenty-five percent of the time in deep sleep, but dogs just spend ten percent of the time in deep sleep.

It’s normal dog behavior for domestic dogs to sleep half their life. Normal dog behavior is not a concern. It’s a concern, but if there’s a change in your dog’s sleeping habits or a change in your dog’s regular behavior. Reasons for these issues will be discussed later in this segment.

There are a lot of reasons why your dog sleeps so much. Let’s find out what the most frequent motives are and what you need to understand about this dog behaviour.

Some sleeping habits are strain dependent. Very large breeds such as the Mastiff, St. Bernard, Newfoundland, and Great Pyrenees love to sleep. The amount of sleep that a dog requires is contingent to its dimensions.

Dogs adapt their sleep behaviour to their surroundings. With minimum activity in their environment, dogs with sedentary lifestyles will lay around all day from sheer boredom. Bored dogs tend to sleep and rest more, but this dog behavior is normal given the lifestyle. Working dogs, on the other hand, have an active lifestyle and sleep less. The more active the dog, the less he sleeps.

Puppies and senior dogs sleep longer. This too is normal puppy behavior. When dogs are busy, they are quite active; full of energy and life. Puppies exert a lot of energy in discovery and play and require more sleep. Senior dogs simply slow down with age and require more rest and sleep.

There are different reasons why dogs sleep so much that you want to know about.

Again, normal dog behaviour is not a concern. It is a concern, but when there is a change in your dog’s sleeping habits or a change in your dog’s normal behavior. If your dog’s sleeping behaviour has changed, the following medical reasons could be the cause.

One – Hypothyroidism
The thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones, causing a decrease in metabolic function. Most of the time this is an autoimmune reaction that attacks the thyroid gland, but it can also be caused by other conditions, such as cancer. The decrease in metabolic function causes the whole body to slow down resulting in lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, and extra sleepiness.

Two – Diabetes
Older female puppies, small breeds, and dogs that are obese are at greater risk of getting Diabetes. Symptoms include sleepiness, lack of energy, increased thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, and occasional blindness.

Like Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease. Most infectious diseases cause lack of energy and sleepiness and are accompanied by a variety of other symptoms.

The principal signs of dog depression are an increased amount of time spent sleeping, decreased activity, lack of energy, decreased appetite, and weight loss.

If you suspect your dog may be suffering from any of the above health conditions, make an appointment with your vet straight away. Other reasons why dogs sleep much are also the consequence of a low-carb diet. Most pet foods don’t provide dogs with the nutrients their bodies need to live a healthy, active life and can slow them down, leading to a lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Now let’s recap.

Always rule out underlying medical issues that could be causing your dog to sleep less or more than usual. A remarkable change in sleeping habits is a matter of grave concern. If your dog’s sleeping habits have not changed, then there is not any reason for concern. Dogs sleep more than humans and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s normal dog behavior for domestic dogs to sleep half of their life.

A dog’s sleeping habits are dependent on the breed, the dog’s surroundings, and the dog’s age. These variables determine the amount of sleep that a dog needs to get adequate rest. If your dog is bored, give him something to do so he does not sleep so much. Ensure he gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, especially if he decides to amuse himself in your absence by getting into crap and onto counters. Dogs are intelligent and love a challenge. Provide your dog with a smart dispenser-type toy such as a treat ball to keep him occupied.

Make sure your dog is fed nutrient, digestible food. Between the grains and by-products, among other unhealthy ingredients, your dog is expected to eat something that isn’t good for him that will gradually drain him of his power and affect his health. Provide senior dogs with orthopedic beds to improve their quality of sleep.

Hope you enjoyed this section on Dog Behavior, specifically on the subject of why puppies sleep so much, and hope you walked away with something of value. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to my station on YouTube. Thank you so much for reading. I look forward to seeing you inside my next post. Please enjoy, discuss, comment, and subscribe. Bye Bye.

By understanding dogs and their behaviour, you’ll be able to connect with them on a new level and gain their trust. Series 10 concentrates on providing pet owners with answers to why puppies sleep so much. Find out more about this frequent behavior and other dog behaviours on my YouTube Channel hosted by Osso, The Giant Alaskan Malamute.

Basic Puppy Training

All things in life need to grow and develop. This applies to our relationships also. This also applies to our relationships with our puppies. Whether you have your furry companion and want to plant the seeds of a harmonious long-term friendship, or you’ve been living together for a while, and want to take your relationship to another level, most of us need guidance sometimes. And just like you would go to a specialist if you wanted more out of your relationship with your partner, you would go to a.. . Dog training school if you had to work on your relationship with your dog. Jut ask New York City Opossum Removal

The question is, how can you find a good specialist? Now, if you’re just feeling under the weather, then you would probably visit a general practitioner. I bet you would go to a dentist instead! Same with dog training. First, you need to decide whether you want to work on general obedience, aggression, separation anxiety, or maybe you would like to take on therapy dog training or a protection dog training program. Then you must read on because we created a list of local hidden jewels in San Diego area that specialize in precisely the sort of dog training classes you want!

Now, what types of dog training schools are we going to look at exactly?

Dog Obedience Training

Aggressive Dog Training

Behavior Modification Dog Training – Dog Separation Anxiety Training

Therapy Dog Training

Service Dog Training

We will also take a look at such training classes as a puppy training camp, group classes, in home dog training and internet dog training.

All these gems have 5-star ratings on Yelp, tons of happy clients and they’re local, oftentimes family-owned businesses, so you can make great friends one of your neighbors while doing some training as well!

First things first, there are loads of alternatives out there in regards to dog training. How do you know which one is good for you?

6 Strategies for Picking the Right Dog Training School

1. Know That the Dog Training Industry is Unregulated

That means that almost anyone can call him or herself a coach, sadly. However, there are certifications and organizations that can help you identify those who actually have the ideal designations and experience. Being the primary educational organization for trainers, APDT has a very useful resource called Trainer Search that allows you to find trainers in your area based on your city or zip code. Amazing tool! Notice that if a coach is certified by the APDT it does not necessarily imply that he or she uses a particular training method, which brings us to the next suggestion.

2. Know the Training Methods Used

Now, all trainers have different training procedures, but here are a few basic things that would allow you to swim in the sea of trainer jargon. There are currently 4 basic methods of instruction that stem from behavioral psychology: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment and negative punishment. The words positive and negative are not representing the concept of”good and bad” here, they work more like they want in mathematics, with positive significance addition and negative significance subtraction of something.

Positive Reinforcement

This is the most popular method now, and, sure enough, you’re all familiar with it. Positive reinforcement has, at its core, rewarding a dog for desirable behavior usually with a treat, a toy or play time, based on what motivates your dog the most. The trick is to pick the right timing: just as your dog does the desired behavior, reward him or her right away, and supplement the deal with a high-pitched”great dog”, to make sure your pet understands how pleased you are with this behavior. See how a treat is added here? This is the positive part, the addition.

Negative Reinforcement

This technique involves taking something unpleasant away to reinforce the desired behaviour. That is the way electrical fences work, for example. When a dog gets too near the perimeter, it gets a shock, but the shock disappears the minute the dog moves away from the boundary. This way, the dog learns to stay away from the perimeter. Watch the subtraction here – the disagreeable sensations are taken away to reinforce a behavior, this is negative reinforcement.

Positive Punishment

With punishment techniques, the trainer is trying to make a specific behavior happen less often. With positive punishment, the coach adds some unpleasant stimuli to discourage a behavior. With excessive barking, for example, a trainer can add a spray bark collar into the training, so that each and every time a dog barks, it gets sprayed. The dog will associate nuisance barking with being sprayed, and this will discourage them from barking all night again. Can you see how with this technique a trainer would include (=positive) something to dissuade a behavior (=punishment).

Negative Punishment

This technique means taking something away (=negative) in order to discourage a behavior (=punishment). A good example would be if a coach turns away from a dog that is jumping on him or other people to get attention. He takes away the attention from the dog to discourage undesired behavior. This method is often used together with positive reinforcement to decrease the unwanted behaviour and reinforce the desired behavior.

Ah, that was really a bit of information, right? Did it become somewhat clearer what the different training methods do? Great. There’s still much debate about the best training methods from the trainers’ world, but what you choose remains up to you.

Now that you have learnt more about the behavioral psychology, do you begin seeing some similarities between how we train dogs and the way the government trains us? On to the next suggestion.


Group Classes, Boot Camps, In House Training or Skype chats – there’s every sort of dog training you may need under the sun. Consider the advantages and drawbacks. With in house dog training the obvious advantage is you will get more personal attention. If your dog has some socialization issues, in home training won’t be as effective as group dog training classes, where both you and your fido can learn to be around other dogs and work around so many tempting distractions. If you need your dog to have the experience of a complete immersion, then a dog training camp will be the best option. Whereas, if your budget is tight, online dog training may be the solution you are looking for. Selecting the type of instruction you need will make the job of finding a great dog training school way easier.

4. See a Class Before You Enroll

Once you picked a class or a training school, take some time to come to one of the training sessions and just observe. Focus on the following:

How large is the class size and if you will be getting enough attention,

If puppies and adult dogs are trained separately,

How many degrees do the courses have (basic, intermediate, advanced),

The way the trainer disagrees with the dogs,

How dogs react to the training,

Whether everyone appears to be having fun and enjoying the procedure.

If you ticked all the checkboxes here, and are comfortable with the environment, you’ve found a good candidate.

5. Don’t Forget About Vaccinations

Safety first! Ensure that your dog is properly vaccinated before you start any dog training and get the green light from your vet. Next, ensure that the training school requires every dog to be vaccinated and is requesting a proof. This way you can be certain that the safety component of your training is covered.

6. Ask About the Follow Up

Now, what happens after you have completed the program? Do you receive a lifetime membership and can come any time for future”tune ups”, or are follow up visits restricted? Maybe there are no follow up visits if a problem does arise. Make sure that you ask the school or the coach about what happens once you are done with their program.

Great, you’re all set for the dog training school of your dreams. Now, we’re introducing you to the 10 hidden gem schools with 5-star Yelp evaluations that specialize in the sort of dog training you’re searching for.

Top 10 Dog Training School Hidden Gems in San Diego Area

Let’s start with puppy training. The best time to begin training is when your pooch is between 3 and 14 weeks old, it does not indicate that your pup doesn’t learn well later, but it is just the juiciest time while he or she absorbs new tricks such as a sponge, so take advantage of this if possible! The next stage at which pet owners often need assistance is the 6 months mark, when pups transition into adolescence, and this time is much like the teenage years we’ve all been through – rough. Puppy training to the rescue!


It’s a family-owned business run by Samantha & Jon Mears, who immigrated from London 11 decades ago. Therefore, the name of the dog training school. Samantha Mears is a certified professional dog trainer, who passed her CPDT KA (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainlines) examination with distinction. Samantha has worked with dogs daily for over 10 years. She is also a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and is a Professional Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG).

Woofingham Palace offers plenty of different puppy training options for you and your pooch all held inside a fenced training area in the shade of big sails. The classes are small, so you will get that individual attention. This dog training school puts lots of emphasis on puppy socialization, and notes that pups who have been socialized young often show less behavior problems in the future than those pups who haven’t. The prices for group puppy training courses range from over $100 to over $300, so you have plenty of options.

559 Union Street

Encinitas. CA 92024

P: 760-929-1996


Now, an all 5-star hidden gem for dog obedience training in San Diego is Total K9 Dog Training. Its trainer, Shannon, is a Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), and is CPDT Certified. She holds a BA in Psychology and started training animals in 1991 in Sea World. Total K9 Dog Training offers a range of courses, but specializes in dog obedience training, both novice and advanced.

Complete K9 Dog Training educates the owners how to become excellent leaders for their dogs without using any intimidation or domination techniques. They concentrate on building the communication and trust that would allow the dog to follow the owner… even while he or she does not have that tasty food handy. Shannon puts a whole lot of focus of training the entire family on how best to work with their dog, as this strengthens the bond between all of the family members and ensures that everything a puppy learns at school will be further strengthened at home. The prices of classes vary, but the general range is between $100 and $165 for group courses.

Total K9 Dog Training serves the areas of San Diego: Escondido, 4S Ranch, Del Sur, Santa Luz, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Sabre Springs, Rancho Penasquitos, Scripps Ranch.


Interested in Therapy Dog Training/Service Dog Training? An agency or therapy dog certification requires you to have numerous steps along the way. Think Pawsitive dog training school can assist you throughout the procedure. Its founder, Vanessa Melrose, is a member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), certified by ABCDT (ABC Dog Trainer) and KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner). She’s been working with dogs since 2003.

What Think Pawsitive offers in terms of service dog training and therapy dog training: it offers to assist you with the whole process, from basic training to preparing and passing the CGC Certification and Therapy Pet Certification, which you have to get in order for the pet to become a formal service/therapy dog. To initiate the program, your dog does not have to be a specific size or breed, it needs to have a calm, friendly temperament. You know, a therapy dog – boy, that patience! Therapy Dog Evaluations are $30, and Think Pawsitive offers extended discounts for referrals or recently adopted pets, so that you can email Vanessa directly to learn more about the program and the pricing.

1273 Crest Dr.

Encinitas, CA 92024

4. Behave! – Aggressive Dog Training San Diego

Behave! – another hidden gem that specializes in competitive dog training in San Diego. Its creator, Alexandra Gant, graduated from ACBDT animal behavior college, and because 2012 has been operating with”unworkable” or”last chance” puppies who are on the brink of being euthanized or re-homed due to aggression difficulties. Alex focuses on instructing owners in need of dog aggression training how to train the dog by themselves, without relying on specialist assistance. Behave! Trainers are knowledgeable about the different kinds of aggression and believe that aggression is a symptom of a much deeper problem, so that they focus on fixing the issue, as opposed to simply the symptoms.

Behave! Realizes that dog aggression training is a big commitment, so it encourages all owners working with them to consider packages instead of sessions. The classes are $80-$125 Per Day, and they currently offer a 10% package discount.

-LRB-303-RRB- 746-3487

5. American Canine Training – Dog Protection Training San Diego

So you were searching for guard dog training in San Diego? We discovered a hidden gem for that also, all 5 stars – American Canine Training. Chris Moredock is the head trainer, certified by APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and the Pro-train institute of California.

American Canine Training has a number of different choices when it comes to dog protection training. You may choose Security Alert Training, which will teach your dog to watch out for strangers and warn you should they be up to something spooky. Additionally, it will teach your dog to stop aggressive answers in your command. Or you might opt for a Personal Protection Training (on and off leash), which will teach the dog to protect their people and property, learn”attack” and”release” commands, etc.. There you go, you are on your way to getting that cool police-style dog you’ve always wanted.

-LRB-858-RRB- 274-0268

Serving area: the Total San Diego County


If your pooch requires some expert behavior modification training, this is your local 5-star expert dog behaviorist – Legends Dog Training School. They specialize in dog separation anxiety training, training for dogs with impulsivity problems, fearful response to other dogs and a number of other behavioral issues.

Alyssa Rose (Lapinel), the creator of Legends, is a CPDT-KA certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist with 15 years of expertise in the region of behavioral studies. Alyssa is an AKC Citizen Evaluator, and a Professional Member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She applied her degree in Phycology to work with children and adults diagnosed with severe disorders like schizophrenia, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and later used this experience to start working with animals. Alyssa designs behaviour modification dog training programs that address the root cause of a behavioral issue and provide a systematic framework for improving communication and strengthening the bond between the dog and his/her proprietor.

One consultation costs $150, but it is included if you opt to engage in a training package with 5 classes for $575. Mind you, different options are available, so check Legends site and see their contact information below to learn more.



You’ve got sure enough heard about this dog training school – Pawtopia. But did you know that they had a specialized dog agility training class? Yep, this one also made it to our hidden jewels list. Its founder, Colleen Demling, is a licensed coach with 16 years of experience. She’s an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, is licensed by the CBCC-KA and CPDT-KA, as well as IABBC. Colleen also designed the Temperament Evaluation for the Naval Medical Center’s Therapy Dog Program here at San Diego. Colleen is actively involved in many professional associations, including the International Association of Canine Professionals, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and the Animal Behavior Management Alliance.

Is the class Pawtopia offers for puppies of all levels of training, so don’t look away if you’re not interested in competing – this is dog agility training class for all those who just want to have fun, run through tunnels and jump through hoops, no pressure! The price is $170, and you will learn more on the Pawtopia website.



For those of you looking for in home dog training, Ben of Devotion to Dogs offers just that, and takes a place in our listing of hidden San Diego gems. Ben is a graduate of Northridge Animal Behavior College, is AKC certified, and is a member of IACP. Ben has been a dog trainer for 15 years, and trained dogs with a number of behavioral issues. He also works with local rescues and believes that every dog can be trained and successfully rehabilitated. His specialization is in home dog training: a personal, one on one type of training that enables him to assess the environment and find the right solution. And lets you save time on commute of course.

Devotion to Dogs offers a variety of packages. The starting package includes a 2-4 hour in home session as well as a 1 hour follow up session, which goes for $500. Call Devotion to Dogs to Learn More.

Garfield Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020


9. Tully’s Training – Online Dog Training

If you need some flexibility or are on a budget, Tully’s Training provides not just private in home training and group classes, but also basic obedience positive-reinforcement online dog training – through Skype.

Tully’s Training group is comprised of coaches with expertise in exotic, domestic, and marine mammal training, which allows it to look at animal behavior from different angles. One of the most titled trainers is Meghan McLeod, who allegedly trained with a number of well-recognized behaviorists such as Karen Pryer and Dr. Ian Dunbar. Meghan is also a certified CGC evaluator. Check out Tully’s team of trainers with a whole spectrum of different backgrounds here.

According to Tully’s, online dog training has been working great for them and their clients, as they are able to get that same person, one on one session that you would get in person for a fraction of the cost. Thus, if online dog training suits your needs, this is the school for you. Training packages are highly customizable, so get in contact with Tully’s for more information.


10. Specialty Dog Training – Dog Training Camp San Diego

Were you searching for a dog training camp in San Diego? Then this is the place for you – Specialty Dog Training. Graham’s team consists of a number of seasoned professionals that together have accumulated a lot of accreditations, including certificates by IACP, APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), NADOI, ABSCDT and many others. Graham and his wife, Kyrie, also actively support nonprofits, shelters and rescue organizations.

Specialty Dog Training focuses on using positive reinforcement and discipline in their own training. Their dog training camp, i.e. in-kennel training, dog board and train or a boot camp is a structured environment where your dog will be taught all of the obedience basics he or she needs to be a excellent companion. Being away from the regular environment is a good chance for your dog to”reset”, while the coaches can work on their own behavioral issues in a controlled environment.

Specialty Dog Training provides lots of packages, they also have a Boot Camp Special for the month of March, with 25% off all dog training camps. The purchase price varies between $1575 (with the discount) for a 2-week program with 2 private sessions, to $5400 for an 8-week program with 2 private lessons.

Pacific Pet Resort, 2909 San Luis Rey Rd Oceanside CA 92058


A Dog’s Love is Like No Other!

Dogs are thought to be man’s best friend. They’re always there when you need them rather than let you feel alone. They can really lighten up someone’s mood. The world has witnessed many stories that tell us how a dog is incomplete with its parent.

A man in New Jersey suffering from clinical depression, read about the beneficial presence of dogs and brought a golden retriever home. He suddenly started feeling responsible and felt this strong need to call home.

This is just one example. Dogs have been very faithful to men for ages.

It is said that many times pet owners too develop a relationship with their pet, very similar to that of a parent and child. This bond is known as”stable base effect”.

Sometimes dogs are extremely cautious and careful in the beginning but they can sometimes be goofy and overdo it. But they will be fine once they get comfortable around you.

For most dogs, the attachment they feel towards their owner is fundamental for their well-being. It is studied that while dogs like each other’s company, human attention is what they crave. You may not realize when your dog becomes too much attached to you, and that attachment gets intense to an extent that if you leave your dog for even a day or two, they stop behaving normal. They stop eating.

Puppies can sometimes get along with you immediately, if you spend time with them and treat them nicely. It is very natural for a dog to bond with its owner and if both of them trust each other, then the procedure happens very quickly. And from there start a happy love story as with time that puppy becomes an irreplaceable part of your life.

Sometimes when puppies are in stress due to some reason they can become very clingy. Older dogs can also show clinginess and more than attachment due to deteriorating senses. That’s the time when you will need to know them well and take care of them. They need you that time, and you should be there with them.

With all the love dogs give us, we should give them the exact same love in return. We ought to give them enough time, go on walks with them and play with them. Give them hugs and speak with them. It’s a beautiful world with a dog for a pet. Cherish that, just like New York City Wildlife Removal

Adding a New Feline Family Member

Bringing a new cat or kitten into your family can be a very exciting moment. You can check out various breeds to learn what traits appeals to your lifestyle. One thing to consider is that most cats have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. If you give a cat to your child, be sure you’ll be able to take responsibility for it if they return to college or if they move and are unable to take the cat together. Animal shelters are a good place to find a new family member and at times you can also find a pure bred pet. By adopting from an animal shelter, you are also saving a life as their time there is usually limited.

When you are ready to embrace a new cat or kitten, the important things you’ll need to have are water and food bowls, a litter box, bed, grooming tools and plenty of toys for them to play with. Scratching posts and cat trees are a great way to train your new family member where they can use their natural instincts like climbing, scratching and jumping. It will also save your furniture.

Another factor to consider when looking for a new pet is to be sure you have the capacity to look after them. This would include food, litter, a professional pet stylist if you are unable to manage brushing and bathing and the priciest could be veterinarian visits. Veterinarian visits may only be an annual exam or if it is an older cat or has medical problems veterinary visits will be more frequent and expensive. One thing that could help with this is pet insurance in case you opt to purchase it like Miramar Wildlife Removal

By being a responsible cat owner it is extremely important to have your cat micro-chipped and spayed or neutered. By doing this, it helps cut down on the amount of pets that wind up in the shelters. Most shelters and rescue groups include this in the price of adoption so it will be taken care of before you bring your new furry friend home. If you adopt a kitten it’s not difficult to train them to be indoor only. Elderly cats can also be trained, it is just a little harder sometimes. Cats can be sneaky so having a collar with a breakaway buckle and ID is always a good idea.

Cats need to be exercised so having toys to keep them in shape. Having laser pointers and feather teasers you will have the ability to interact with your cat that will strengthen the bond between you.

Cat proofing your home is extremely important to prevent any nasty accidents or worse outcomes. . Electric cords need to be kept out of their reach. All medications, chemicals and cleaning products will need to be stored in a cabinet they can’t open. Sometimes a child proof lock is necessary to assure their safety. Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers should be checked before you leave to make sure your cat has not climbed into it to curl up for a nap.

My Cat is Smarter Than Yours

Of all the pet animals, the cat might be the fastest learner due to its ability to get and keep information to find a solution to issues. Once an adult cat is placed in a room which it hasn’t seen before, every corner and nook is inspected with the support of its instincts. According to behaviorists, this necessity to execute”basic research” gives the cat important, life-surviving information regarding his environment.

The highlight of a cat’s mind is his ability to utilize the information retained to address problems. Cats possess the skill to form”learning sets”, which used to be done only by primates. For instance, when trained cats pulled boxes on wheels, this revealed they could combine that ability and their insight to resolve different problems.

As an example, a cat pulled a box to a certain place, then used it as a stool to have a reward he wants – like food on a string hanging from the ceiling. Though no one knows their range of cognitive capacities, cats continue to surprise their owners with their remarkable abilities.

Just like humans, cats learn by observing, imitating, trying, as well as committing errors. There are countless tales about cats opening doors by turning doorknobs, ringing doorbells, turning off lights, opening cabinets, plus using the toilet based on their observation of owners doing the same thing. A good deal of cat behaviorists and also child psychologists agree that an adult cat’s intelligence is equivalent to that of a toddler who is 2 to 3 years old. At this age, kids are extremely clever and manipulative, so it’s not surprising that cats are better coaches than their owners are to them.

Though the cat is thought of as the smartest among all domestic animals, cat owners should understand the limitations of their pet’s thought processes, because attributing human motives to the pet cat can affect the patient, and systematic approach is needed to treat behavioral problems.

For instance, cats can’t recall the past or create future plans. So, it’s useless for an owner to scold a pet cat for something it did moments ago or when caught in the act, because the cat can’t create a connection between an action and punishment. Its actions aren’t influenced by revenge for what an owner did in the past. These could be blamed on the stress caused by its proprietor actions.

The behavioral problems of cats are triggered by humans, and when cats aren’t supplied with the necessary items to naturally behave as a cat, this can have a negative impact on their human owners. If you have any questions check out Wildlife Removal.

Training Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

If you happen to be a cat owner, then you would notice that your precious pet loves scratching stuff. Much to your horror, cats like to scratch the furniture! This may seem to be a big problem, but it is easily resolved. The secret is to understand how to train a cat to use a scratching post. There are many ways for you to deal with this problem.

First of all, it’s crucial to understand why cats scratch their paws. Cats spread their scent by scratching their paws so they’re marking their territory.

It allows them to feel secure and to identify their enclave. Shedding claws is just another reason for scratching.

Now you know the common reasons why cats are scratching their paws, we can proceed to some useful things which you could do to help them learn to use a scratching post instead of your furniture.

Start early

In case you have your pets as kittens, then you can begin training them while they’re young. In this manner, the action will be ingrained in them. However, if you already have an adult cat, they can nevertheless be trained but might need more persistence and perseverance.

Locate a scratching post that your cat will love

Sometimes, it is all about finding the right sort of scratching post that will appeal to your cat. You can find the right place for your cat usually through trial and error. You may need to experiment and see which works. By way of instance, some would prefer a vertical post rather than a horizontal surface. The important thing is to have the ability to find the perfect one that will appeal to your cat’s preferences.

Determine the best place to put your scratching post

Other times, it isn’t the quality of the scratching post that’s important but the location. You should keep in mind that you ought to place your post where it’ll be available to your cat.

1 pro tip: cats usually do their scratching before they take a nap. The perfect place to put your scratching post is where your cat usually sleeps. If you’ve got the capacity, it is also great to put several posts in different parts of the home. Place it on your pet’s usual spots, and it will certainly get to maximize its usage.

Now, if you happen to have a piece of furniture your cat is very much attached to, then you can try placing a scratching post near it. This is an excellent way to divert its attention and concentrate the scratching on the post and not on your furniture.

Use Benefits and Affirmations

As with all terrific training, you may use rewards. This simply means that if your pet uses the scratch post, it is going to get a reward. On the other hand, if they still play to your beloved furniture, then you want to be firm and let your pet know that’s wrong.

To further entice your cat to use the scratching post, you can put catnip on and about the post or hang a toy for them to have the ability to play with. Finally they will get the hang of it and start using the post regularly.

Do not tolerate

If your cat is persistent, then it’s time to use your voice to let your pet know its activities are incorrect. When you hear your cat scratching the furniture, say quit in a loud voice. Your furry friend will be startled and over time will understand that what it is doing is inappropriate. You may also spritz some water in your cat whenever it begins scratching the future. These are just some ways to discourage your furry friend.

Other Remedies

But if the tips mentioned above don’t work at all, then you can go another route. 1 thing that you could do is to make your furniture unappealing for your pet. It can seem like a hideous look for your furniture, but it’s only temporary. You may remove them when your cat loses its attention.

Consider furniture that is made of microfiber. It can bear scratching, but at the exact same time, there are also different designs available that will suit your dwelling.


Cats are adorable and fun-loving. Just remember that cat scratching is a natural occurrence. It may seem horrible, but if you train them early, then you might be able to transcend this ordeal. As stated earlier, cats scratch as their way of marking territory and shedding claws. It is easier to train cats when you understand the reason behind their behavior.

There are countless of other ways about the best way to train a cat to use a scratching post. These are a few of the most frequent ones. You can begin training early while they are still kittens so that they can remember as they develop. Perhaps, it is possible to find a nice scratching post that your pet would like. There are lots of different kinds of scratching posts, therefore it is better if you try and determine which one best work for your pet.

In the long run, if all else fails, then you could consider altering your furniture or making your furniture scratch-proof. Cats vary from one another; one might be vulnerable to training while others aren’t. Get more at Lake Worth Rat Removal.